…is my dressmaking dummy. She came with the name.

& Me:
I started sewing my own clothes as a teenager – mostly by buying things from charity shops and hacking them about a bit.  I got out of the habit at university (followed by a wedding, first house and first job), so my creative side got archived for a few years… and I really missed it. In late 2010, I set up the sewing machine again, and gradually started filling up my wardrobe with handmade clothes.  Now, sewing is my regular creative escape from the day job, along with sharing stories with other sewing bloggers and readers.

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  1. Hi Amy

    It was lovely to meet you today! Hope you got home okay with your hoard of goodies. I am feeling reeeeeally sleeeepy after the fish and chips.

    Would you mind if I posted pictures of your Two Become One Dress on my blog? I write a Friday Finds feature about inspiring stuff on the blogosphere and would love to include it in the next one. I don’t like posting other bloggers pictures without asking first, so let me know if it’s okay with you!

    Tilly x

  2. Wow I love your blog, I’m going to add it to the Who and what I love section on my website.
    Your MMM12 made me giddy just reading it, what a challenge, what an achievement.
    I, like you sewed lots when I was younger then life just kind of got in the way again. So 12 months ago I quit my job and started Fabric Godmother and have never looked back.
    Anyway get in touch via email would love to offer you a discount on some fabric from my site.

    Cheers and happy sewing Josie

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