Where does your inspiration come from?


Despite having one of the busiest fortnights ever (how does everyone pick precisely the same weeks for social gatherings, meetings, emergency meetings, birthdays, and nights out?)… I am still sewing.  Slowly.  And to distract myself from the incredible slowness – I’m blogging instead.

My last make for a Sew Weekly challenge a couple of weeks ago was inspired by this picture:


Empire-line, neck ties, two fabrics – does it make you think of Victory Pattern’s Hazel too?

That’s what I thought!  Granted, it loosens the fit up a little, but that completely suits my everyday wardrobe.  I’ve written more about this make and the pattern over here, but in short, I’m really very pleased with it!

So, just how many of the things I make are inspired purely by pictures I’ve found on Pinterest?  And where does the rest of the inspiration come from?  Well, based on what I’ve made so far in 2012:

(Yep, I got Tilly and the Buttons-ish and made a pie chart!)  As predicted, Pinterest (plus Red Carpet Fashion Awards, which I’m endlessly pinning on to Pinterest) did make the top slot.  Second place goes to Sew Weekly challenges, which rather surprised me.  And, though ‘inspiration from other sewist’s creations’ is not massively represented so far, I have quite a number of upcoming projects which definitely started off this way… when I finally get back down to sewing.  This week.  Maybe.

Where does your sewing inspiration come from?

4 thoughts on “Where does your inspiration come from?

  1. magazine editorials, pinterest, other sewist’s creations, movies and vintage dresses/clothing that doesn’t fit me 🙂 all of this explains why my me-mades are such a random jumble of clothing types!

  2. Mm hm, The Sew Weekly for me too. Beautiful fabric. A vintage something to refashion. It all goes in the cupboard of dreams, waiting to see the light of day… (I sew slowly slowly slowly too!)


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