When two become one…

Turning two dresses into one.  Doesn’t sound very thrifty… shouldn’t it be the other way round?  Ah, but: take two things I never wear (both incredibly unflattering, especially the stripy one – don’t be deceived by its innocent appearance hanging on my wardrobe); and turn them into one totally wearable dress plus some useful leftovers (including an invisible zip).  Hooray!

What I did:

  • Removed the sleeves of the grey jersey dress and reduced the width across the chest
  • Chopped off the bottom part of the stripy dress and lining and stitched them to the grey jersey.
  • Did a nifty bit of cutting and stitching to make the front insert, using leftovers from the stripy dress
  • Sewed the arms back on

Funny how restyling old things is just as satisfying as making something from scratch – maybe even more so?

5 thoughts on “When two become one…

  1. This is amazing Ames! I had absolutely no idea that this kind of restyling could be done with two such different dresses! I know where I’ll be coming with all the clothes that I no longer wear, but can’t seem to part with… : )

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