What would a sewist do…

… when one is getting on quite nicely with the Jasmine pattern one received for Christmas…

… all ready to sew the long tie pieces to the back collar piece K, and… hang on, what back collar piece K?  I haven’t cut one… I don’t even have a paper one.

No K.

Sigh. I did cut the pattern out months ago, though I’m usually pretty good at keeping everything together.  But not this time.  So, what would you do?

a) buy a whole new copy of the pattern for one piece

b) attempt to draft the missing piece, hopefully from the clues of the neighbouring pieces

c) any other ideas?

3 thoughts on “What would a sewist do…

  1. Put up a request for someone to trace it in your size and send it to you. Or they could trace it on a piece of paper, draw a 5×5 cm box next to it and scan it and email it to you. It’s only half a collar right? Shouldn’t be a problem.

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