Wednesday Book Review 6… and a giveaway

One of the (few) things I’m looking forward to about the moving process is being able to have a good nose around other people’s houses – I love how the smallest details can spark off new ideas, and how much a home can say about a person.

Which was really why this book ended up on my Christmas wishlist:

I’m always fascinated when fellow craftspeople blog about their creative spaces, so a book featuring 23 of them naturally appealed.  Each chapter focuses on a different ‘extraordinary’ woman, describing their inspirations, style, favourite quotes, and creative tips.

Disappointingly though, and suprisingly contrary to the title, the photos seem to focus more on what women create than where – there’s usually at least one overall picture, but most of the pages look something like this:

And nearly all of the crafts featured are along the lines of “mixed media art” or vintage-style jewellery making.  There’s one knitter, but my favourite coincidentally happens to be a dressmaker:

I’d love to recreate the draped fabric canopy of the ceiling, and that enormous cutting table.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have somewhere this spacious to sew?  In the meantime, here’s my little corner… Well, as I’m so nosy about others’ spaces, I had to show mine!

This book was an interesting read, but I think once was enough for me… so would you like it?  I’ll leave it open for the next week, and then announce the winner as chosen by random number generator next Wednesday.  Postage costs will be covered, but only for UK residents I’m afraid (it’s quite a hefty hardback!)  Leave a comment if you’re interested… ooh, and if you’ve ever blogged about your sewing space, include a link!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Book Review 6… and a giveaway

  1. The book isn’t really my cup of tea so I’ll not enter the give away, but I did want to leave a link to my posts about my sewing spaces over the years. I started off with a double bedroom all to myself and am now in a teeny tiny box room!

    The posts on my blog are oldest first so if you want to see how things have developed you need to start at the end rather than the beginning!

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