Wednesday book review 3: Crafting Handmade Shoes

I know, I’m a day late with the weekly Wednesday book review.  It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today, so instead I spent last night finishing off this:

That’s a ‘Dresden Plate’ design for the petals – another of the patchwork blocks from last week’s book.  Hope she likes it!

So, ‘Crafting Handmade Shoes’.  I ended up in a bidding war on eBay for this book, and probably paid a little bit more than I should have due to that phenomenon of temporary winning insanity that occasionally takes over.  It looks as if it’s now out of print, as it’s listed secondhand on Amazon for an absolute fortune.

But don’t worry: you’re honestly not missing out on anything.  Usually I always get some sort of inspiration from a craft project – even if I don’t like the finished result, there might be something in the mix of colours or techniques that feeds into something new.  But here… well, just read on.

Initially this book reminds me of those Dorling Kindersley factual books for children – lots of pictures and ‘did you know?’ boxes.

And there are some interesting techniques on measuring and designing shoe patterns.  But then things get a little bit crazy:

Celtic Wizard shoes, anyone?

My absolute favourites are these ‘Enchantress Slippers’.  See how they’ve put a bottle of Chanel No5 in the photo?  Genius.  Can’t you just imagine wafting around in clouds of perfume, maybe a silk designer dress, and…. these totally CRAZY LADY shoes?  The book calls them ‘positively mesmerising’.  I think they looks like freaky genetically-modified caterpillars.

The only thing I may one day attempt would be these:

Not in leather, but perhaps a nice cosy fleece to replace my worn out winter slippers.  What do you think?

This week’s verdict: it’s a keeper…

  • a) for comedy value
  • b) in case I ever do make slippers
  • c) because inflicting it on someone else would just be mean.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday book review 3: Crafting Handmade Shoes

  1. I’ve had this book from my library twice and am waiting on my third hold. Depending on the price, I would buy this book from you in a heartbeat. It’s one of the best shoe making books out there. I dream of owning this lovely tome.

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