V&A Sewing Meet-up

If you read any sewing blogs at all, you must’ve heard about this event by now… look how many people were there!


I did take my camera along, but it ended up sitting in my bag all day – a) there was a professional photographer, and b) there were many other bloggers wielding clever-looking cameras with flair.  So I thought hey, this is covered! and just went with the flow…  Fortunately, I got to nose at all the photos here:


 Can you tell I don’t know how to pose with a bump yet?

I only finished my outfit on Friday night, so this is the first outing and first photo of both skirt and top.  And yes, the skirt is a Megan Nielsen pattern, as three or four sewists asked during the day (Megan Nielsen = synonymous with maternity patterns, no?).  Each time, I launched in to a recital of my fitting issues with it – thank you for your polite patience if you were on the receiving end! – but I’ll save those for another post.

Actually, the item attracting most queries was not handmade, but very topical:

Needles and thread bag

Needles and thread bag 2

Needles and thread bag pocket

At the time, I had to give that most irritating of replies: “oh, it was a present!” but I have now googled it for all you interested parties.  It’s the ‘Needle and Thread Overnight Bag’ by Disaster Designs, and available from Amazon and other online stores.  Enjoy!

I came home with some beautiful things:

Sewing meetup1

About half of which I bought in Goldhawk Road:

Sewing meetup2

and the rest came from the goody bag and epic swap!  Hurrah!

Sewing meetup3

It was lovely to meet familiar faces for the first time (slightly like meeting a celebrity: I recognise you!  And know quite a few things about you!  Cos I read your blog!  But you probably don’t know me! Is this weird yet?) and it was the first time I’ve ever said to someone: “Oh I recognised you from the back because of your dress” (Sally).  Also lovely to catch up with bloggers I’ve met before – always a pleasure Jane, Roisin, and Karen.  And of course, how fun to go pattern-spotting and admiring beautiful clothes – Shivani and Emily, your wonderful Wiksten Tovas have convinced me I must make one.  It should just about fit over the bump!

Once again, thanks to Rachel & Co for organising the day!

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