V1223: adjustments and a new bit of kit

As promised after my whirlwind sprint through the V1223, I have been a good little sewist and gone back to correct the iffy bits.  For a start, it’s now got a hem, and the inside seams are properly finished.

The main issue I had was the right-hand bodice piece, which ended up with too much fabric after my slapdash pattern adjustment (sticking 1.5 inches extra on to the bottom of each piece, as I tend to be a bit taller than the average pattern).  As the bottom edge of this piece attaches more or less horizontally, I ended up with a gappy neckline and that interesting little hump at the back:

(Which meant that, on my birthday lunch at the Savoy, I spent rather a lot of time readjusting the straps, and asking Mr B whether there was too much on show.  Not good.)

So, I undid the seams, removed the offending piece, recut and restitched.  It still took a bit of trial and error, and isn’t quite perfect, but now it looks like this:


Putting the zip in was a serendipitous moment.  The instructions required an invisible zipper foot – I had no idea such a thing even existed.  With no time to hit a haberdashery shop, I rummaged through the bag of stuff that originally came with the sewing machine, and voila:

A thing that looked like the thing in the instructions! 

But the real challenge was to get the thing on the machine.  For a start, which way up was it supposed to go?  And how did it connect?  In case anyone out there is wondering, here’s what I worked out after about 15 minutes:

It goes this way up.  I found the machine screwdriver (nope, I’d never used that before either), loosened the little screw on the machine (you can just see it at the top of this photo) and removed the normal foot (shown here between the screwdriver and the zip foot).

There are two little hooks on the left of the invisible zip foot, which lock on around the screw, from the back.

Then you just need to tighten the screw again, and adjust the positioning using the slidy bit which sticks out to the right, so that the needle lines up. 

After that, putting in the zip itself was easy peasy:

5 thoughts on “V1223: adjustments and a new bit of kit

  1. Gargh – I am hopeless with invisible zips. I just do lapped zips as a matter of course now. I am full of admiration that you went back and made those adjustments. I’m not sure I’d have the patience.

  2. It looks fantastic Amy, like Karen I’m not sure I would have had the patience either, but great job!

    Can I just say I LOVE your shoes too! And the Eiffel Tower lamp in the background – interior decor/shoe jealousy going on…

    • Thanks Carly – I spotted the shoes randomly on eBay a few months ago, they’re my current favourites! The lamp was a Christmas present from Graham & Green. We weren’t sure if it was kinda cool, or a bit naff, but we liked it!

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