Too grumpy to sew


So my aim this year is about creating a wearable, co-ordinated wardrobe – which for me, means a lot more plains in the sewing diet.  However, I’ve still been hitting the prints pretty hard so far:

Button-hole challenge raglan top

“Summer at 2 degrees” dress

That was supposed to change today, by finishing off a (hopefully) wearable plain muslin for the Clover trousers.  I think I was lulled into over-confidence by fellow sewists’ accounts of easy fitting, and the fact that this simple pattern sews up so fast.  I even put in mock flat fell seams!  And battled on despite Mr B’s ‘helpful’ comment that they looked like Super Mario trousers….

But no, I couldn’t even face picking them back off the floor to get a proper picture for you (sorry, maybe later).  After the indignity of a dowager’s hump, I’ve moved on to a ‘frowning crotch’ – oh, the horror.  Plus loads of space down the back of the thighs (just the back, for some reason?) and weird little wrinkles in the seams at the calves.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been out of the house in 4 days (sickness) but I’ve seriously lost perspective.  I will, at some point, gear myself back up for Clover, and go and read the sewalong and all the brilliant trouser-fitting advice out there.  But right now, I’m too grumpy to sew.  Didn’t it all used to be fun?  Rather than this endless fitting palava?

Please help me stop being such a miserable lump – what do you do to get out of a bad sewing mood?

9 thoughts on “Too grumpy to sew

  1. If I have the sewing “blahs” I nearly always end up sewing my TNT skirt pattern. It doesn’t use a lot of fabric, always fits and I wear the skirts a lot. I only started my blog in late November and I’ve already sewn three of them! (It’s Burda 02-2010-104 in case you’re interested.) My other, less used solution, is to sew something that doesn’t need fitting, such as a bag or an apron in a fabric that makes me smile but that I probably wouldn’t use for actual clothing.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon.

    • Mmm yes I like the idea of something tried and tested, maybe with a tiny twist so it’s a bit new… time to rummage through the pattern stash!

  2. Being poorly usually means I can’t think straight, let alone sew straight. Headaches, tears and bad sewing ensue if I approach the machine. So my solution: do something else for a while. Read a book, take up sketching, learn a language, listen to a podcast about philosophy… And before you know it you’ll suddenly find yourself thinking: hmm, haven’t done any sewing in ages… I feel just like perfecting the fit of a pair of trousers!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  3. Amy, I hope you are feeling better now . I am so sorry you are experiencing Clover issues…. I know I escaped – it seems as my bottom half suits Colette sizing, but it’s my top half that has given me more problems.
    Luckily there is a lot of guidance out there for fixing the fit. But do it when you feel like it. If you cant face it, make something else easy I say!

    • Yes, you are one of the culprits for an easy Clover experience! (No, seriously, your post made me feel I could give it a go in the first place). I think I will have a go at something else – now for something completely different!

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