Thinking autumn thoughts

Although it’s been years since university and even longer since school, September is definitely the start of my year.  (New year’s resolutions?  Never happens – my Januaries are usually anti-climatic and grim, and the only method of survival is something approaching hibernation state.)

September’s where it’s at: time to gear up and set the agenda.  So how come my Self-stitched September started with a bang and went out with a total whimper?

  1. Putting my sewing machine in to be serviced while I was on holiday, but having to wait a whole extra week to get it back.
  2. Other things pushing sewing (and blogging) to the bottom of the pile.  My autumn resolutions are around getting healthy (better eating; more exercise), and I’ve just got involved in a team running a youth group on Friday nights.  Which I’m loving, but I’m still adapting to diminished ‘me’-time.

Diana is looking rather forlorn in the corner…

Which isn’t to say I don’t have a trillion UFOs (Unfinished Objects) on the go.  But kickstarting the sewing mojo is a delicate process… today’s methods include fun fabric; instant gratification; and a big dose of making-it-up-as-I-go-along:

Voila!  This skirt evolved over a couple of evenings.  I used a pattern for the waistband, but the skirt itself is just one big piece – no side seams; just darts, gathers and a back seam.  I wanted to preserve the border pattern, and of course, I needed it to be quick.  There are some pockets hidden in there made from leftover satin – I wholeheartedly recommend a satin pocket.  It doesn’t show at all, but it’s a little piece of loveliness for your hands 🙂

How do you get through a sewing block?

10 thoughts on “Thinking autumn thoughts

  1. I just try to wait it out, some months I sew non-stop and then I can go 3 months without hardly making a thing. If I want to push myself back into it though I find something that catches my eye and that I want to wear *right now* and just make it. If that doesn’t work I go for simple t-shirts or pajamas for my boys, they’re mindless to make but it feels good to finish something and that normally gets me going to work on other things!

    Great skirt!

  2. Sewing is something that I don’t have a block about but get blocked from. Things get in the way, but my commitment is still as strong, it just has to take a lower priority. Overcoming my sense of frustration is my biggest challenge!
    Anyway, love your skirt. Good sewing! I like most of all the big bubbly waistband that echoes the border on the hem!! Nice!!

    • Hmm, true – perhaps I don’t get so much blocked from ideas, as from getting on and carrying out those ideas… Actually, sometimes the sheer number of ideas means that I don’t do any of them 🙁 Learning curve!

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