The trouser saga: pt 1

How crazy is the weather we’re having at the moment?  Blue sky, grey sky.  Summer sun, soaking downpours.  I’m learning to leave the house armed with an umbrella, a cardigan and sunglasses.  But what does one wear?  Seriously, what are you wearing?  I look at my clothes every morning and wonder, what’s the point – some time during today, it’s guaranteed to be wrong.  But when?  What a wardrobe conundrum.

Which is why I was pleased to come across these again last night – not handmade, but fast becoming my favourite item of ready-made clothing: 

Shorts for the sunny spells, see, and satin-lined wool tweed for when it’s colder and wet.  They fit really really well, they’re beautifully lined, good quality Laura Ashley stuff – and I scored them in the sale for £15.  Hey, even as I’m blogging about them I’m becoming more in awe of them.  Practically perfect in every way, except… they’re dry-clean only.  And can only count as summer wear in this current weird weather bubble. 

So I need more.  As per my Me-Made-June resolution, I’m still set on drafting a trouser pattern, but now I’m wondering if I could just copy these, please?  I turned to Patternmaking for Fashion Design, just to see if there were any clues, and look at this:

Is it going too far to say I feel like that Doctor Who episode with the creepy angel statues (the one in the old house, not the loopy one on the spaceship) where David Tennant can answer all the questions from a DVD because he already knows what they’re going to say, because at some point in the future he gets handed a script which he can then use when he’s back in the past? Apart from the time travel.  This book is like being granted, in advance, the answers to all the pattern questions you’ll ever need to ask.  I do love it so.

Right: Knock-off Copying Ready-Made Designs.  Yes it’s what I want to do, but doesn’t it somehow sound a bit…seedy?  PMFFD puts it like this: “Knock-off is a fashion industry word for copying ready-made garments.  This is a common practice and generally happens when hot items hit the retail market.” (p.553)  So that’s ok then.

Nothing to show you so far I’m afraid: it’s been a fairly standard hideous week at work, and I’m going to whisk up an awesome G&T right now because I have tomorrow off to go shopping. 

Thank goodness.  My brain is soup.

4 thoughts on “The trouser saga: pt 1

  1. Hi Diane, your post is what i been thinking… this weather is not helping me plan what else I need to make…. I will be doing winter dresses if continues to be like this. Is this a good book. I am always trying to get good books for my personaly libary but sometimes they arent as good as they look. I recommend doing pair of trousers and shorts are very similar. I have som post on seft draft trousers. Hope it helps you !!

  2. This weather is terrible isn’t it! Lovely shorts – they would be easy to copy. Just get your favourite trouser pattern out and make it shorter 😉

    • Wish I could Sally… but I don’t have a favourite trouser pattern yet (never been brave enough to try trousers!) I’m hoping to get something drafted up really nicely and then make millions of copies!

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