The start of the story

So yesterday I shared a bit about what’s on my heart at the moment… and my plan to finish a project every week, even if it’s just something incredibly small and simple.

And here’s this week’s: I’d say it’s a medium project in terms of time and effort, though size-wise it’s quite petite…

Nope, they’re not for me!  Two friends brought their newborn baby boy home this week, after a traumatic time last weekend for all three of them.  Thankfully, it sounds like everything’s going well.  At church we always have a rota of people cooking meals for new parents for the first few weeks, and tomorrow’s my turn – so I’m going to take these over along with my standard dinner speciality (pastry-wrapped chicken kedgeree.  Sounds weird, but so good.)

The pattern is the Jaden Baby Sneakers from  The fabric was leftover from one of my Pendrells, and I unearthed some iron-on velcro that I didn’t know I had – which meant that I didn’t have to buy anything at all for this make, beyond the pattern pdf.  Hooray!

Putting them together was pretty straightforward – fiddly at times but only because they’re so tiny.  It took me most of the afternoon, but I reckon with practice I could whip up loads, production-line style, without too much trouble.  Food for thought…

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