The secret life of toys

Had a lovely present today: my Mum came over and cleaned my kitchen.  It’s blissful.  I cooked dinner like a TV chef – everything clean, organised and to hand.  Isn’t it nice when something goes right for a change?

I wasn’t being lazy though, and when I spotted this while unloading the washing machine, I got Mr B to take a picture:

(This is exactly how the wash turned out – I didn’t engineer it.  That snake posed all by himself.)

Before you ask, he’s not handmade, quite the opposite (one of probably millions from Ikea).  I actually use him at work all the time – I work with children, and they love him!  So I’m tempted to have a go at making him a friend.  In fact, I have a growing craving to make all sorts of children’s toys at the moment…  must be my current blog intake (ikat bag and Made and a host of others).

Can I quit my day-job and be a full-time craftsperson yet?  Pretty please?

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