The Promaballoona Prom Dress Process


3 pm: Let’s make a PROM DRESS!  A yellow one, naturlich.

3.15 pm: Prom dresses should have lo-o-o-o-ng skirts.  And yet, I am rather partial to a big 50s circle skirt.

3.20 pm: Ooh ooh ooh, MULLET DRESS!  Yes, I have a total crush on mullet dresses.  Haters gonna hate.

5.10 pm: Wow, circle skirts take forever to draft.  Especially mullet circle skirts.  Especially mullet circle skirts with two tiers. 

6.30 pm: Guess I don’t have time to make that white top I was planning.  What goes with bright yellow?

6.40 pm: BRIGHT BLUE.

7 pm: Time for accessories.  Big earrings.  Neutral shoes.  Blue eyeshadow exactly matching blue top.

7.30 pm: Cocktail matching yellow skirt.  Now that’s accessorising.

8 pm: Pre-evening photos by the front door.

8.25 pm: And out we go!

9 pm: Outdoors pose.  I look like a SUPERHERO.  Or maybe pregnant.  Stop standing like that in case people get the wrong idea.

9.45 pm: Moved on to Cosmopolitans.  Someone says “but I thought that was a magazine” while I’m shaking it up.  Should totally be in LA for real Promaballoona instead.

11 pm: Still chatting in the kitchen, as at all good parties.

12.15 am.  Migrated to the sofa.  Watching yet another summary of today’s Olympics.  But that’s fine, cos team GB keeps reeling in those medals.

2 am:  And finally chauffered home by Mr B. 

Happy birthday, Oona!

*All times are approximate.  Memory a little hazy.

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