The great wool migration

Anyone noticed how woolly the blogosphere’s been getting lately?

Marie’s just taken up knitting, Karen’s having a snood giveaway (enter by Wednesday!) and just check out the amount of wool-related planning over at the Crafty Christmas Club… Must be an autumnal thing.  Sun sets earlier, leaves start falling, crafters work their way through huge piles of wool.

My wool affair goes back a month or so, to just before my holiday.  See, a few days before the trip, having more or less sorted washing / ironing / packing / making the house presentable in case any potential buyers came along while we were away, I had an attack of craft withdrawal.  Sure, there’d be lots of things to see and do, but what about all the in-between times – whole days at sea, afternoons sitting out on deck, all those hours that Mr B spends in the shower…

So I found myself at the checkout in Hobbycraft with £40 of wool. Oops.

As well as my chunky snood, I decided to try my hand at crocheting granny squares.  I remembered tearing a page out of Mollie Makes for a flower design, but could I remember where I’d hidden it?  Course not.  So I turned to Google and found this Sunburst Granny Square pattern:

What do you think?  Just experimental so far – not totally convinced on this colour way, but I really really like the pattern.  (And funny enough, I found the Mollie Makes version yesterday – and it’s almost exactly the same.)

Have you migrated to wool yet?

6 thoughts on “The great wool migration

  1. Oooh, thanks so much for the mention! Wool is just so snug now that the weather has taken a turn for the worst. Knitted gifts really are aplenty on people’s Xmas lists, which is fab to see…hope I’ll be skilled enough next year ;o)

    I love your crochet flower squares too!

  2. Actually, I am learning to knit and have developed this uncontrollable habit of buying wooly yarn…don’t know what I am going to do with it, but I like it!

  3. Yay! Great sun bursts! Isn’t it funny. I think it’s also the portability and the sociability of wool crafts. I can knit and watch tv ( no subtitles) and keep company , or even take knitting/ crochet away on a trip. Maybe it’s also something about being able to make whole outfits? It is for me anyway. Like your banner btw. Sorry if it’s taken me a while to notice!

    • Yes, so true about portability – it fits in well with whatever pocket of time is available. And don’t you find other people are so intrigued by what you’re doing? It’s a good conversation starter!

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