…Thank Goodness It’s March.  I know the February blues are pretty standard, but I usually escape as my birthday falls towards the end of the month.  So last week on the 23rd, I had plans to wander round the National Portrait Gallery, leisurely lunch at the BFI, and score some haberdashery with the John Lewis vouchers I’ve had lying around since Christmas.

But – the following weekend was the Impact Weekend Away for the youth group I help to lead on Friday nights.  Yes, I was joint loco parentis for about 33 teenagers for a whole weekend.  Preparations plus steadily rising panic meant that the birthday celebrations were downscaled to a shorter lunch in one of our favourite local pubs.  But now I come to admit it, I feel a bit shallow that one of my main priorities was to finish these off:

Seeing as the timetable for the weekend said lights out at 1am and breakfast at 8am, I figured there would be a lot of pyjama wearing.  I never get up any earlier than I absolutely have to, so I’d need to roll straight out of bed to start dishing out the cornflakes.  Slight problem, as all my old favourites are starting to unravel at the seams, see?

No way would I risk a wardrobe malfunction in front of all those teens.  So I got going with the seam ripper to get a template for the new pair, and raided my stash for suitable fabric… and the successful candidate was the Royal Wedding commemorative design. 

I’d wanted some of this stuff as soon as I saw it about this time last year, but held back because it was pretty pricey for something that would possibly be too ‘novelty’ to make anything normal out of. But a couple of months ago it was down to a fiver a metre, so I picked up 2m of the blue colourway. And one of the white. Feeling a wee bit irrational.

Pyjamas never even crossed my mind, but aren’t they the perfect project for it?  A little bit tongue-in-cheek and quirky?  And very appropriate, as I was in my pyjamas for most of the Royal wedding day, watching the whole shebang on TV.


At breakfast, lots of the kids were like “COOL pyjamas”,and I got a bit over-excited – “they’re ROYAL WEDDING pyjamas, SEE, W and C, William and Catherine!!”.  The gorgeous Em told me that they were cool but also “it’s a bit sad that they actually made pyjamas for the royal wedding”.  Once I explained I’d made them, the coolness notched up another level.  Phew.  I got asked if I went to fashion college (I wish) and told that I should set up my own clothing line.  Man, I love those kids.

Best bit?  I’m all sorted for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.  I’ll have my seat booked on the sofa, celebrating the monarchy with my PJs.

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