Stick a bow on it

I’m not a really girly girl, but…


…I can’t resist a good bow.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


So, did you see this awesome pic on So Zo’s wedding dress inspiration post?


I think my jaw physically dropped.  But gorgeously beautiful as it is, I can’t conjure up any possible place/time that I’d wear something like it.  I’d be forever hitching it up at the top, and obsessively debating whether it made my shoulders look too broad.

Fortunately, there was another way to get my bow fix:

Here’s Simplicity 2406 made up according to the pattern in red check crepe, with a little asymmetry thrown in… then a couple of standard gathered bows hand-stitched around the ‘strappy bits’ of the sleeve.

Made it about 10 days ago… already worn it 4 times.  And right now waiting for it to dry so I can wear it again.

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