Simplicity 2406 tutorial: Sleeves, part 2

Part 1 down, on to part 2.  This next bit is possibly the most confusing in terms of instructions, but it’s actually quite straightforward.  Open out the seam you’ve just sewn, and flip the whole thing over so the open seam is face down:

You’re going to sew that long side along the bottom of the sleeve, but you need to get the rest of the sleeve out of the way.  So starting at the neckline seam, roll the sleeve down past the cut-out part, as far as you can go:

Holding that rolled part in place, fold the long edge up and over the roll to meet the corresponding long edge on the other side.  Pin in place:

See?  That rolled section is hidden inside, out of the way of the seam line.  Sew the whole seam.

Next, turn it right way out (a little like we did in one of the steps in part 1).  Get hold of the rolled up part in the middle and pull it through one of the ends:

 …til you get something like this:

Nearly there!  Just one more seam to sew, to turn it into the 3D sleeve.  Open it out at either end of the seam you’ve just sewn:

 Pin and sew the seam, and you’re done:

Done!  All beautifully finished – the only remaining raw edge will be sewn on to the bodice (see pattern instructions).

Hope the photos were helpful – let me know if anything wasn’t clear, or needs more explanation.  Or even just if it helped you with the 2406 (it’s always nice to hear nice things).  Happy sewing 🙂

3 thoughts on “Simplicity 2406 tutorial: Sleeves, part 2

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. After a minor, frustration-induced meltdown trying to figure this out using the pattern, I found this post through a Google search. I was successful in completing the sleeve on the first try. The only thing that I would add to this post is that the original pattern does not really allow for enough room in the channel to pass fabric through. Therefore, changing the pattern, as you have was very helpful in making this step possible.


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