Shoe restyle: update

(In which I first throw myself a little pity party, and then get down to business.)

Ugh, I’m sick.   I have spent a lot of the day reading my way around random subjects on Wikipedia and self-medicating on this lot in strict rotation:

(I know the Diet Coke’s not the healthiest choice for convalescing, but it does settle a queasy stomach).

When you’re a kid, a sick day is sort of a pause – you don’t do much, but you don’t fall behind with anything either.  And you get treats and stuff.  As an adult, it definitely seems to be a case of ‘go back 3 spaces’.  I am truly fortunate to have Mr B around to sort out dinner and tell me I still look beautiful with a bright red nose, but the house has become a mess jungle, and the deadlines at work won’t move in my absence.  And the rattle of the sewing machine is a bit too much for my achey head 🙁

Now enough of that.  I have been clicking away to show my progress on the shoe restyle.  Yes, there is more!  As the instructor at my gym class would say: “This is option one…”

“…but if you want to work a bit harder, here comes option two!”

So, I’ve added a ruffle by cutting short strips of ribbon, folding them in half, and pinning them around the back, overlapping slightly:

I used one of my unholstery needles to stitch them in place.  So cool – it’s curved!  Ideal for this project, as I didn’t want to sew right the way through the shoe but just catch a bit of the outer fabric. 


The sewing’s quite messy, but it’s ok because it will all be covered up.  First off I tried using a piece of navy/white fabric and glueing it around the heel = really bad idea.  The glue soaked all the way through and looked really naff, and I couldn’t get it to smoothly follow the vertical and horizontal curves.  So I ripped it all off… leaving a big scarred gluey patch.  Do you ever wish you had just left a project alone?!

Back at the drawing board, I found that ribbon is ideal for covering shoes, as it deals with all that curviness.  Again I used short strips and glued them on with fabric glue, overlapping slightly all the way round.  I stuck the pins in to hold everything in place while the glue dried (and now have sticky pins.  Oops.)

That’s it so far, but they’re not finished yet.  I need to sew around the lower edge of the spotty strips, to get them nice and flat.  And then it’ll just take one more ruffle, to hide those remaining loose ends.  I’ll show you when they’re done!  Now I’m off to bed x

4 thoughts on “Shoe restyle: update

  1. Those shoes are so cute, an’t wait to see the finished product!

    My mum always made me drink Lemonade when I felt queasy, so I think it might have something to do with the bubbles. I know it helps after a heavy night before!

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