Shirt restyle

Do you remember I was a bit unsure about this fabric combination?

The plaid fabric is a man’s Gap shirt from the charity shop, which turned into this: (Claire, you were right, the shiny blue stuff was for the pockets!)

I kept the buttoned placket, cut the front bodice as one piece, and re-attached the collar a la So Zo.   I used one of my all-time favourite patterns, Simplicity 2406, which was also responsible for these two:

I’ve had a couple of attempts now at refashioning men’s shirts, and they’ve generally gone hideously wrong – especially when I’ve tried to turn them into a fitted women’s shirt.  I was inspired by Zoe’s version to have another try, going for a loose style and avoiding extra darts and seams.  Key lesson learned: it’s not necessarily helpful to rip all the original seams to get separate fabric pieces.  When I cut the bodice, it took in an inch or two of the sleeve section – fabric I’d have lost by removing the sleeves first.

Having mentioned Zoe, it’s a good a time as any for this:

I, Amy, of Diana & Me, sign up as a particpant of Self Stitched September’11.  I endeavour to wear at least one item of self-stitched or refashioned clothing each day for the duration of September 2011.

This is the same thing I pledged for Me Made June’11… but I’m treating that as a practice run (having skipped a few days, and worn Pendrell tops more or less continously for the month).  With a few more projects completed since then, and lots more under construction, I’m looking forward to September as a much more sartorially interesting month.  Anybody else joining in?

PS – though Pendrell tops will not be taking up such a high proportion of SSS’11, I love the way Debi’s wearing hers here.  And her skirt pattern is up for a giveaway, finishing at midnight tonight!

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    • Thanks Sally! Yes the colours are what appealed to me too – I already had an armful of clothes but I couldn’t quite leave this one behind!

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