Sew Weekly UK meet

Isn’t it great that you can line 14 people up in the courtyard of the V&A for photos, and everyone who walks past assumes that they should be taking photos too?  I wonder what they thought we were all about?

One of the great things about the Sew Weekly is seeing how many different ways a bunch of creative people interpret a theme – check us out in our red white and blue!  This meet-up was of course the inspiration behind my bank holiday hearts top and roses skirt:

Great day.  Coffee and cake, followed by the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition – which drove me crazy because you can’t touch anything or take pictures.  I know there are good reasons for that, but it makes it hard to a) work out how he did stuff and b) remember any of it.   We checked out the gift shop, and examined the workmanship on their Horrocks dresses – for sale at £98 a pop!  Charlotte’s handmade one was far better (second from the left, below) and the pattern is free to download!

Then off to Goldhawk Road to pattern swap and fabric shop…

More on that once I get round to making something from my new stash, but as you can guess, I came home with a lighter purse and a heavier bag.  My one regret of the day was not having more time to chat to the Fabulous Fabric Fandago-ers as we all raced round the shops… just some quick hellos and hugs with the beautiful ladies I met last time in Walthamstow.  So now of course I’m off to read all about it on your blogs.

8 thoughts on “Sew Weekly UK meet

  1. What a stunning lineup of ladies!
    Sadly, the fabulous fabric shops of Goldhawk road are at threat of demolition.
    You can read the full details on Melissa’s blog:

    Please spread the word,join the facebook group, write to the council and lend your support in any way you can. Otherwise fabric shopping trips to Goldhawk road may sadly become a thing of the past.

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