Sew Grateful… and a giveaway

When Debi announced the Sew Grateful celebration, I had the perfect project in mind, as the first and only giveaway I’ve ever won was hosted by Debi herself.  Back in April, after making a gorgeous Parfait pinafore and some purple trousers, she put the remainder of her purple pinwale corduroy fabric up for grabs – I was so excited to find out I’d won!

I did thank Debi in person when I met her at the Sew Weekly meet-up in May, thinking I would thank her on here when I’d actually made something with it.  But….

…it wasn’t until June that I even looked at it again.  The Me-Made-June challenge highlighted that nearly everything I’d ever made had a print and pattern, and therefore couldn’t be mixed with each other.  Desperate for something plain, I dug this out of the stash and started off a skirt from my favourite ever pattern, Simplicity 2588.

For some reason I can’t remember, I didn’t get any further than the pockets – Me-Made-June finished, I was on to another project and the skirt ended up in the UFO pile.

(I do LOVE satin pockets though.)

I was already thinking about going back to this make after learning that, apparently, 11th November is Corduroy Appreciation Day – who knew?  And then Sew Grateful gave me the final push to complete it, so voila! the only purple item in my entire RTW and hand-made wardrobe:


Thank you so much Debi!  I love it.

And guess what – there’s still over a metre of fabric left.  In keeping with the Sew Grateful theme this week, it’s up for a giveaway!  Open to anyone, just leave me a comment to answer the following questions:

Do you wear purple much?  And if so, what other colours do you wear with it? (Working out what to pair this skirt with was a major sartorial challenge this morning.)

Leave your comment by midnight on Sunday 4th December (GMT time) and I’ll announce the winner on Monday 5th!

11 thoughts on “Sew Grateful… and a giveaway

  1. OMG! This is FABULOUS! I love it so much!!! YAY! I caught this post just in time to include it in my round-up of giveaways! huzzah! I think that’s really neat that you are hosting a giveaway for the remainder of the fabric–it’s like the sisterhood of the traveling fabric!!

  2. What a great skirt! I love the satin pockets. I wear purple A LOT! It’s my favourite colour. The colours I wear it with is other shades of purple, light purple or lilac would be nice with your skirt. Grey, white and cream work too, as does black, but too much black and purple tend to look like a bruise, so go easy!!

  3. I do like your skirt. Especially the pockets – great colour contrast with the skirt fabric!
    I wear quite a lot of purple myself. I have at least two purple dresses, a couple of tops, a scarf – and some very special purple shoes which I wore to my own wedding earlier this year. They were mainly hidden by the long white dress, but not all the time 🙂
    When I’m not getting married, I usually put my purple clothes with grey or white, and sometimes yellow. I think bright blue looks good with purple too. But I can’t promise to be an expert on what goes together: I sometimes have to ask my husband if my attire is within the realms of normality before I leave the house!

  4. I love purple! My winter coat is purple. I often wear it with a bright fuchia pink scarf so this year I knitted some pink and purple gloves. So my vote would be for bright pink with purple.

  5. Purple is something I wear much more often than I expect, but I guess that goes to show how much more versatile it is than one usually expects. Honestly, I like the browns and blues with it. Or some black and softer colours. I am sure you’ll find yourself wearing that skirt far more often than you realize.

  6. How beautiful!! I *love* those satin pockets…I’ve never seen that before and its such a great idea!

    I love wearing purple (although, I hear red heads shouldn’t but it’s my absolute favorite color!)! I normally wear it with black, grey or white. Sometimes bright blue too (I have a pair of tights that color and love them with my purple skirt!) . I love how you pair it with the mustard colored sweater though, I need to try to find one!

  7. I love that skirt! It is gorgeous! I suppose some of that is due to the wonderful shade of purple the fabric is.
    If I win this fabric, I am thinking of making a skirt, too. I have a good one in mind.
    Also, I really do adore corduroy.
    Thanks for offering this up.

  8. Hello! I adore your skirt–what a rich, deep purple! In addition to mustard yellow, I like to pair purple with teal, medium shades of blue like robbin’s egg or sky, magenta, and purple-based reds. Some greens like Granny Smith apple green work as well.

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