Serendipitous maxi skirt

Maternity maxi skirt

I’ve blogged previously and effusively about maxi skirts (having sewn them in polka dots, border prints, and semi-sheer) so to recap just briefly, I completely heart them because: 1. They suit all seasons.  2.  They work for tall girls.  3. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t shaved your legs.

This particular maxi skirt has added serendipity – the fabric is from a thrifted pair of curtains (£4.99 from the charity shop), thus already fully lined and hemmed – and the print combines all three of my ultimate summer colours, yellow, coral and blue:

Yellow coral blueThese are the luscious shades I paint my nails in, fill my wardrobe with, and generally gravitate to as soon as the sun comes out.  I usually have at least one or two in each summer outfit, but when all three of them come together… it’s like ice-cream for the eyes.  These colours just make me Seriously Happy.

The skirt is based on the Victory Hazel pattern, again!  I added a total of 8 inches to the front piece, to get 4x 1″ pleats across the centre for adequate bump space, and extended it to the floor.  I cut the outer fabric and lining at the same time (for maximum speed, accepting slightly reduced accuracy) and kept the original hems throughout (more measuring, but less sewing).

Maternity maxi skirt 4The back piece has no extra pleats, and is cut lower than the front.  This is one of the features I do like on Megan Nielsen’s Maternity Skirt – it feels comfortable and sits naturally in the small of the back – so I used that pattern as a guide for the curves. Then the top is just folded over and stitched to create a casing for the elastic.

Maternity maxi skirt back

And of course, there’s every skirt’s most important feature – pockets.

Maternity maxi skirt 3

In hindsight, it could’ve done with being more A-line, to have sufficient volume at ankle-level… but hey, I’m not exactly striding along at the moment, so there’s enough space for my waddling gait.

Which colours are you buzzing about this summer?

8 thoughts on “Serendipitous maxi skirt

  1. LOVE it! You’re right, it is like ice cream-just such a happy looking skirt. I would live in those colors! I’ve been rocking a lot of maxi skirts, too, cause let’s be honest, it’s harder to shave your legs pregnant anyway 🙂

  2. It is really lovely – great colours! So glad the MN pattern is finally make itself worthwhile for you.
    My summer go-to colours seem to be red, navy and white, which surprises me.

  3. I love your skirt! The colours are fab, and the fabric was a great find. I love maxi skirts and dresses, I am quite small and think they make me feel taller (not sure what that’s about!). I haven’t made any yet, but am planning to make a maxi dress soon.

    • It’s funny, I avoided maxi dresses for ages because I thought they’d make me look TOO tall, but somehow they work for tall as well as short…magical! Looking forward to seeing your maxi makes.

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