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“Step out the front door like a ghost / Into the fog where no one notices / The contrast of white on white…”  Saying ’round here’ always triggers my favourite Counting Crows song, but those opening lines do fit today’s weather: white hail (!) against a whitish sky:

Weather 12th April

So, round here, number (1): there are quite a few works-in-progress…

Works in Progress

These are all made from old fabrics I’ve had for years, frantically stash-busting after the unprecedented step of putting all my various fabric hoards together in one place for the first time:

Fabric stash

As Mr B said when he saw it, I can’t tell if it’s better or worse than I’d expected.  But at least now it’s a known entity – though I’m bound to end up buying some new fabric at…

(2) the awesome meet-up being organised by House of Pinheiro: the V&A, handmade outfits, fabric shopping, swapping, and food.  Perfect.  And I’m so looking forward to re-meeting some fabulous bloggers.  But I’ll look a little different to last time because…

(3) Like Zoe, I have had to put aside my original sewing plans for the last few months (miniskirts, princess-seamed dresses) and look into a whole new range of patterns: maternity clothes.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Yes, one of the pregnancies I alluded to in my last post is mine!  I’m coming up for halfway through, and finally feel up to regularly sewing and blogging again, rather than  just lying on the sofa watching E4 re-runs.

(4) Talking of Zoe, I’m looking forward to Me-Made-May ’13  even though my pledge means I need to get on with lots of maternity sewing in the next few weeks because: ‘I endeavour to wear 30 different handmade or refashioned garments  over the course of May 2013.’  I set myself a slightly different challenge from last year, because I realise I ended up hitting the same garments pretty hard (ahem, pyjamas) to count as my ‘one item per day’.  This time round, I’ll only count each handmade item once, but there’s some flexibility as I’m not tied to a daily quota.

Also round here, (5) I’m feeling it’s time to make this blog a little more exciting, and I’m using some of that sofa-time to ponder style and navigational changes.  Please watch this space…

(6)  …and if you’ve been watching this space through Google ‘days-are-numbered’ Reader, then why not Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

See you all soon – maybe in real life on the meet -up! – happy sewing x


17 thoughts on “Round here

    • Thanks Sveta – I’m still a little daunted by the stash, but it’s always nice to rummage through fabric isn’t it?

    • Thanks Helen! Yes it was really interesting to see pregnancy announcements pop up on various blogs I follow… I’m looking forward to some maternity wardrobe inspiration!

    • Thanks Lynne! I actually hadn’t noticed the similar colour palette until I lined them up, but clearly turquoise and grey are becoming a bit of a theme…

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! (And great choice of song–that entire album was definitely one of the music essentials of my teenage years, so I always think of it fondly.)

  2. Congratulations! Good luck with the maternity sewing, I’m excited to see how your me made month goes!
    And I love that song! That was maybe the only album I ever bought because of one song (way back when people bought albums because of radio singles) and didn’t regret it. That album was also my teenage soundtrack!

  3. So nice to find some other Counting Crows fans, Becky and Aleah! Hardly anyone I’ve met in the UK has even heard of them. And yep, I remember belting that song out at 17, describing my teenage angst perfectly!

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