Reversible fabric dilemma

Two of my best friends have been to India this year, one of them for several months, both right around my birthday.  Total no-brainer when they asked what I’d like as a present…

(How gorgeous is that shade of green?)  Becks was a bit concerned about bringing back the right thing – my specifications were possibly unhelpful, as in, ‘just bring anything! you know, whatever!’  But honestly, isn’t it fun when something unexpected turns up?  My inspiration often comes from the fabric – I’ll work with whatever I get.  There’ll always be a perfect project somewhere, even if it needs to mature in the stash cupboard for a bit.

And, as of yesterday’s post, I do have something brewing:

I can’t remember the last time I saw a pattern envelope and wanted the exact garment that was pictured… I’m not sure it’s ever happened actually – until I got a crush on this dress.  I’m so keen, I had to buy the pattern off eBay as my usual haunts aren’t stocking it yet.  (Aside: isn’t getting a new pattern awesome?  All that papery goodness, tucked into its plump little envelope.  This is a pathetically high point in my sewing process).

Sadly lacking the material to make the 1800 dress right now, I’m doing a wearable muslin in the red/gold design.  And thus am stuck on the question: red?…or gold?

(No, of course I’m not drunk, what makes you think so?  That’s my quizzical face!.  Quizzical!)

What do you think?  I’m veering towards the red…

8 thoughts on “Reversible fabric dilemma

  1. I vote red too. I just like that colour a bit more. It doesn’t look like this pattern has potential to use the gold side as contrast bands anywhere?.. which would be one way to showcase both sides of the fabric. I guess I’m thinking you could use the yellow side for the cuffs or as a wide band at the hem, perhaps?

    I love the neckline on the pattern you have chosen – so pretty.

  2. Gasp, sari awesomeness love it! You’re going to use it for a muslin? Fingers crossed it’s a wearable one XD. I’ve heard good things about the Amazing Fit line-got one of them myself to make a repro Mrs. Fox outfit (from the Wes Anderson movie) but haven’t had the time to make it up yet.. I like the gold side more but the red side suits you better. I would’nt colourbloc/ make contrast trim with this design, there’s enough going on with the fabric already. If you want to use both sides perhaps make a little bolero with the red side showing on the inside and the yellow on the outside the effect can be quite cool..

    • I know, I should make a proper muslin first, but I’m just too impatient to get started! Hoping the Amazing Fit bit will help, and princess seams are fairly forgiving…

  3. Oh my goodness, the green and gold fabric is gorgeous!! Sadly I”m not going to be much help with red vs gold, because I like them both. 🙂

  4. I’ve started cutting it out… Red side up. You’re right, I was drawn to the gold but I think red will be more flattering to wear. Watch this space!

  5. Yep, go with your gut! They’re both lovely so it’s a win either way. And this is the second time this week I’ve seen this pattern pop up – I wouldn’t have given it another glance based on the envelope, but looking at it closer I love the pleats and the princess seam pockets! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

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