Return to Sender

Earlier this year, two of my best friends went to India, and brought back some gorgeous fabric for my birthday in February.  (I’ve enthusiastically started at least two projects using this stash: no finished items so far…)  Having lugged it back across contintents in their suitcases, I wanted to make something this month that would be both a Christmas present and a little memento of their trip.

First up, a book tote for my friend in the middle of her masters degree in neuropsychology, using the red/gold woven fabric she gave me.  (I used this tutorial, which was very quick and straighforward to follow.)

The cream section actually comes from an old skirt:

…after my mother-in-law cleared out her wardrobes recently, she handed me a big sack of clothes to adapt to my heart’s content.  And though this is not a colour I’m usually drawn to, I jumped at all the beautiful floral embroidery:

And then for my business-woman-by-day/artist-by-night friend Nella, a babushka!  No obvious connection, except that I’m a little obsessed by babushkas right now, and wanted an excuse to make one.

She’s a traditional babushka with her big apron and sweeping fringe, but with an Indian fabric headscarf and henna-style embroidery.  And blue hair, cos she’s a tiny bit of a rebel. 

There’s a proper stitch-fest going on, with blanket-, stem-, chain-, running-, back-stitch and some french knots thrown in.  So fun just to make up as I went along!

Onwards and upwards – these cats aren’t going to crochet themselves.  Hope your last few days of Advent are settling down for some Christmas peace – I’m looking forward to a carol service this evening to kickstart the festive mood.

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