Restyled dress to peplum top

This dress came from last summer’s House of Fraser sale for £11 – I bought it for the zingy blue and the nice thick knit fabric.  But I didn’t like:Restyled dressSo restyle choice number 1: to stick with the dress and lengthen it with a contrasting panel of fabric; or go even shorter and turn it into a top?  Meandering across this pin speeded up the decision-making:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


A peplum!  Perfect: once I’d removed the skirt and unpicked the original pleats, I had loads of fabric to play with.  I shortened it (keeping the hem intact), improvised some new pleats, and ended up with this:

Peplum top

The neckline created restyle question number 2 – I had that cake/frosting dilemma kicking around at the back of my mind.  Should I keep it blue and basic for easy co-ordinating?  Or frost it up a little with some stripes… yeah! 

Peplum top neckline

For a moment, I was worried I’d gone a bit too Dr Seuss with it, but I think I’ve got in in perspective now.  You can’t beat mixing bright blue with a little red, can you?  Outfit-wise, I’ve played it safe with jeans so far, but I’d like to have a go with a pencil skirt a la that pinspiration outfit…

Peplums: love em or hate em?  How do you wear yours?

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  1. Thanks all! Glad you agree on the neckline, and the style changes – during the restyle process, I sometimes wonder if things are turning out better or getting worse… looking back at that ugh ‘before’ shot helped convince me on this one though!

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