Quiet crafting?

So I’ve been working on a Pendrell (with a twist) for over a week now, but nothing to show yet.  Partly because I spent hours and hours tidying the house for our first viewer since August – though on the plus side our spare room now looks like this:

And thus has plenty of space for the ironing board.  Sewing machine and iron in one room.  Why has it taken me so long to realise that this is a much better idea than  running up and down the stairs for every other seam. Sigh.

We’ve also had a noise issue with our next-door-neighbour, who has two puppies who stay home while she’s at work.  Waking up to continuous barking that can easily last 3 hours has been seriously not good for Mr B’s and my outlook on life.  (Thankfully, after the last conversation we had to have, they now stay in a run at the end of the garden – still barking at times, but far enough away that we can ignore it easily.)  However: she has commented on the thinness of the walls (true) and a ‘grinding noise’ that she sometimes hears upstairs… could it be… not my sewing machine?  I’ve always tried to avoid sewing early in the morning or late at night anyway, but now every time I’m using my machine, I feel incredibly conscious about it.  Am I just creating more fuel for the fire?

So, instead of going all out to complete the Pendrell tonight, I put the finishing touches on this little chap:

Shamelessly ripped off inspired by this awesome knitted snowmen wreath, using this amigurumi-style crochet pattern.

I’m counting this as last week’s project story, just a day late, so I can spend the rest of this week gritting my teeth for my Pendrell project, and sewing in short and precise bursts.

Has your sewing machine ever caused an issue with your neighbours?

5 thoughts on “Quiet crafting?

  1. Well, you’ve hit upon quite the topic for me. My sewing machine is next to a dividing wall in our terraced house. I know (because I used to own the flat nextdoor and live there!) that on the other side of this wall is someone’s bedroom. And there I can be, sewing at 6am! I try not to go mad with my foot to the floor, but I often wonder if I’m disturbing people. They’ve never said anything. (Frankly, if they can tolerate the kids who live above them, they can probably tolerate my sewing machine.) But I do wonder…

    • Yes, and I suppose most of us have never heard a sewing machine through a wall – it could be annoying, but then again, it might not! My previous neighbours had children, and sewing never seemed to wake the baby. Who knows?!

  2. Sewing machines make noise, to be sure, but it sounds to me like your neighbor was trying to make her own “noise infraction” seem less annoying. But… Well… If you’re going to have several puppies, then why not have a lifestyle where you can spend time playing with them and looking after them?

    But the bumpity bump and/or grind of a sewing machine not going off in the middle of the night or early morning really isn’t something to complain about. Really. Especially compared to early morning yap-fests.

    Your snowman is cute. Is he for catching loose threads?

    • Thanks Steph, your comment made me feel much better.
      The snowman is purely decorative, I’m going to make him some friends in time for Christmas!

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