Quick(ish) crochet

I really am working on sewing projects at the moment, but on the slowest possible setting short of ‘stop’.  I started a miniskirt before Christmas made from one single piece of fabric (plus pockets and a waistband), which is progressing at roughly the rate of one seam/dart a fortnight.  I’m not sure what’s happened overall, but recently a rather migraneous week has put paid to a pounding sewing machine or the intense concentration of pattern drafting and cutting.

Somehow crochet still works, with the dual advantages that: this granny square sunburst pattern is now autopilot for my fingers; and I can do it while watching E4 re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother from the sofa.

I started the above blanket about 15 months ago, and haven’t touched it in the last 9.  To be honest, the only reason I’m working on it at all is that I saw this beauty on Pinterest:

Source: craftster.org via Amy on Pinterest


No way am I allowing myself to have two unfinished crochet blankets on the go, so the old must be finished before I may even contemplate yarn for the new.  Is it a bit odd that I can only complete old projects by dangling the reward of… yet another project?

Still, it’s going together quite nicely, I think.  My rigid assembly rules have turned it into a sort of sudoku puzzle (no horizontally or vertically touching squares can have the same colour in the same position, i.e. two green centres or two yellow outer circles.)  Though actually – I think I can admit it here – that makes it really rather fun.

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  1. Ooo!! Those squares are gorgeous! I’m working on a Granny Square blanket too (mine is Summer Garden by Attic 24), and I know what you mean about the autopilot! I’m off to look up those squares on Rav…

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