Quick jumper restyle

I’m all for lounging around the house in chunky hoodies left over from my uni days, but this one is a fine cotton knit – a little too classy for my sofa hibernations, and worthy of upcycling to a smart-casual wardrobe.  With that aim in mind, I lopped off the hood (and then remembered to take the ‘before’ photo):

I also unpicked the kangaroo pocket, because my hands prefer their own individual pockets and don’t get on well when forced to share.  Plus I’ve always been nervous about it being mistaken for a baby bump…

I just traced the existing neckline to make a collar pattern piece, and finished it off with a contrasting band (a la Renfrew):

(Here’s a better view of the jumper, but not, unfortunately, of my face.)

And the back neckline is shaped too:

About an hour’s work to turn a neglected garment into something I’ve already worn 5 times (actually outside, it’s not for sofa days!)  And, as the other knit fabrics came from my stash, it was free.  Feels appropriately new-start and frugal, catching my January mood perfectly.

4 thoughts on “Quick jumper restyle

  1. Clever! I have a huge bin sack of clothes I was going to give away, maybe I’ll have a look if I can ‘collar them up’ instead! Love grey and yellow. Looks quite Sonia Rykiel-esque.

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