Progress and results

Because some sewing does still get done around here from time to time:


Patchwork-in-progress: Tasia’s recent quilting post reminded me to dig these out and at least think about finishing them off…

…but for something more decisive, the results of my Sew Grateful giveaway are in!

Giveaway Feb 13


The Socks book goes to Nessa, who said:

“I’d love to try socks – it’s something I’ve always avoided – I think it’s the heel turns!”

Hope you enjoy it, Nessa!


1 thought on “Progress and results

  1. Love your patchwork! Such a lot of work it can be hard to stay motivated. But at least it’s the kind of craft that you can pick up and become mobile with, (or put away for a while when something else more thrilling pops up – something I’m guilty of)
    Thanks so much for running the giveaway too – I am truly chuffed that I’ve won it!!!

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