Post-bump me-mades

Whenever I sewed maternity clothes, it was always with one eye on the long-term.  I wanted things that would fit my shape now, but also in the future.  I wanted to have the cake, and eat it.

So this maternity summer dress

Duvet daisy dress 5

…becomes this first-night-out-without-baby winter dress:

daisy dress2

Granted, I left out one big factor: breastfeeding, which is completely impossible with this bodice and neckline.  So this dress is very occasional wear post-bump, but holds on to a firm place in my wardrobe post-boob.  Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “Post-bump me-mades

  1. That’s a great outfit! I made a few of my maternity makes back into post-bump clothes too. Four years later I still have one linen dress which will become a skirt next summer!! Have a Happy Christmas. Caroline x

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