Pattern mash-up: the Summerbirds Dress

Ahoy there! What do you think of my unabashedly summery dress? A little hopeful perhaps? I nipped out into my parents’ garden yesterday during one of the tiny rays of sunshine that flitted past for this photo.

Surprisingly, it was actually inspired by Dita von Teese…

Now I’m not much into the whole burlesque thing, but fully clothed, the woman is pure vintage perfection. Even at an outdoor music festival… what a fabulous outfit, from the sailor hat down to the espradrilles. I wanted a similarly relaxed but coherent look – cue quirky prints, bright colours, and a fit which doesn’t require a zip.

I couldn’t decide on just one pattern, so I’ve stuck two together at the empire line. I’ve previously made a full version of the Lisette 2245, but I really dislike the neckline and upper bodice – so cute on others, so disappointing on myself. And yet the lower skirt is so great, generously fulfilling my love of pockets. For an alternative bodice, I went for the Victory Hazel pattern. This is such a simple design, one front piece, one back piece, both cut on the fold… and yet it fitted my contours instantly, bust darts to neckline, in a way unrivalled by previous patterns (yes Colette Truffle, I’m looking at you).

I tried it sleeveless, but it didn’t have that Dita/Coachella vibe I was looking for, so I added some little caps:

(I didn’t realise how well I co-ordinated with my surroundings until after this next picture…)

Happy official summertime, my friends! Even if we have to wear our summer dresses with tights and cardigans…

8 thoughts on “Pattern mash-up: the Summerbirds Dress

  1. Gosh…what an inspired franken-isation! I would never have worked out the origins or dreamed it up, but it totally works with those perfect pockets….cute birds too. Really clever, kee on wearing it despite the sun’s absence!

  2. Summer dresses with tights and cardis- and wellies and waterproofs! Oh this rain- great idea to make a lovely yellow dress to cheer things up!


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