Paper and print

I’ve hit some snags in my sewing projects recently, so I’m trying out another craft medium for the current weekly project…  A few weeks ago, I decided to set myself a deadline of one ‘story’ per week.  Not to be rigid or to just churn out more things, but to be focus the little pockets of time I have for sewing and crafting, and cut down on the constant UFOs).

As the nights are drawing in alarmingly quickly, I’m afraid it’s not the best of photos:

It’s a mixture of stenciling, felt tip pen, and ink stamps on to a old book page.  I’m pretty pleased with it as a first effort, though my mind’s already ticking over experiments with different colours and refining the techniques.

As for last week’s project, I posted it over here at the Crafty Christmas Club – if you haven’t checked this site out yet, do go and have a gander at all the interesting snippets and ideas being posted daily – just the kick I need to get on with my list of Christmas makes!

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