Outdoor inspiration

So on Saturday I ventured into the garden for the first time in oh, about 3 months.  (This was motivated by overhearing my neighbour showing prospective buyers down our shared path the day before, saying “um just ignore all that… they’re lovely really”.

I’m a sporadic but enthusiastic gardener.  It actually produces the same creative buzz as sewing, but with a crucial difference: the garden does its own thing, all the time.  It would be like picking up a sewing project after a 2 or 3 week break to find that the seams have all just unravelled themselves.   I know it’s ridiculous, but some part of my mind always thinks “I pulled all those weeds up a month ago!  How can they be here now?”

But I’m happy to note that there hasn’t been too much rebellious activity over the winter.  And especially pleased to see my spring bulbs back again:

It’s the perfect boost  to get over my sewing block with the Colette Spring palette challenge.  I’ve been glued to wintry colours and fabrics (albeit rather interesting ones like this recent find from eBay…)

Fortunately there should be some gorgeous turquoise floaty fabric in the post (another eBay win – I just shouldn’t be allowed on there) for my first spring item.  Watch this space!

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