On my (dusty) sewing table

At the start of the year, I signed up to Karen’s 2013 Jar Of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is with this pledge:  “I plan to create The Ultimate Bag (or maybe two?), with sections, pockets, and fastenings fully customised for what I need to lug around day-to-day.”

At the time, I was thinking of a stylish work bag: compartments for all my files, stationery, flashcards, bubbles, stickers (NB: I work with children).  Of course, I didn’t know just yet that this just was about to happen:

Maternity maxi skirt 1

So, as my day-to-day needs have radically changed, The Ultimate Work Bag has been superseded by The Ultimate Nappy Bag.  And, as spare time has been slashed to zero for the last couple of months, this is as far as I’ve got:

nappy bag piece1

That’s one whole outer piece cut out.

But while I’m not progressing on the sewing front, I am way up there on the shopping front: all these hours of feeding enable some serious web browsing.  So I am getting all the necessary notions in place – there’s even a new sewing machine foot (non-stick, for the oilcloth):


In the meantime, I am using my most spacious pre-baby handbag as an improvised nappy bag, and dreaming of my fully customised handmade one.  Just hope I do get to sew it before she’s potty trained.

2 thoughts on “On my (dusty) sewing table

  1. Hee hee – I just had a baby this summer too and have found no time for crafting but far too much time for online shopping building up my stash during night feeds!! Glad I’m not the only one 😉

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