New Look 6969 Skirt

Hooray!  The sun finally came out this weekend!

I seem to have been working on this New Look 6969 Skirt for ages, which is mad considering it’s so simple – just 3 pieces.  The pattern’s supposed to have a faux wrap section, but it needed a ridiculous amount of yardage to achieve – isn’t there something a bit wrong with a faux-wrap that takes up more fabric than a real wrap?  Besides, I think I was craving a good simple project after the likes of the v1223.  Here’s the print up close:

Magnolia trees are one of my favourite plants, and the local ones are just coming into bud… all those beautiful shapely pink and white flowers before the leaves.  Last spring I meant to take more photos, but didn’t get round to it – so this year I’ll be on a magnolia-chasing mission with my camera! 

This fabric is a really heavy cotton (meant to be an interiors fabric) but it actually gives the skirt a fab swingy shape.  My only gripe is that the waistband’s ended up at hip rather than waist level (I was experimenting with the sizing) but overall I’m very pleased.

Sunshine, springtime, new skirt… things are starting to look up.  Have a great week everyone.

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  2. Thanks all! I only had a metre of it, wish there’d been more for other projects. Still, might try and use the scraps somehow!

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