Need an excuse to drink cocktails at 3pm?

Nope.  When Roisin first mentioned the Bombshell dress meet-up, my hand was straight up in the air.  Every occasion I’ve ever met up with sewing bloggers has been hilarious, encouraging and unbelieveably fun, and this one ticked all those boxes.

If you read Dolly Clackett, Did you Make That or Handmade Jane, you’ve probably already have seen a version of this picture (and hopefully there’ll be another couple from Suzy Sewing and Lazy Stitching…?)  Well, we had a very patient waiter.  (Ladies, we should have got a shot of him!)

 Three Colette dresses, two Bombshells, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I mean, my peaches and picnics dress.  I did plan to make something new in honour of the meet-up – I’m working on a wearable toile of Vogue 1241 – but sometime on Friday afternoon I realised it would take up the rest of the day through to Saturday morning.  And I had the washing up to do.

I’m assuming Roisin is also taking a picture to my right  here, but she may just be telling an awesome animal-related story.  You know, I’m sure we would have been able to just talk about sewing all day long (we have enough material!  Sorry, couldn’t resist that) but in fact we meandered on to all sorts of other interesting topics.  Suddenly nearly five hours had passed… and honestly, that wasn’t just because we had three cocktails each.

Oh, and I was so chuffed that Roisin and I turned up in almost matching shoes… and then found a Wizard in Oz poster on the way out of the BFI:

I seem to remember at least 2 other people round the table mentioning getting the Bombshell dress course –  if you ever need someone to come and celebrate your achievement with cocktails, I’m there.  Book me a seat in the banquette!

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