My new £3 wardrobe

Mr B recently gave me a patriotic ‘every man must do his duty’ style speech, along the lines of:  if you ever want to move house, you must cut back on how much you buy.  I’m trying.  So when I went into town today to post my mum’s card and buy milk, I deliberately avoided all the charity shops I usually peruse along the high street…

Until I saw that Oxfam were having a sale.  Yes, Oxfam, where the average price of a piece of clothing is £4.  I walked past once, I walked past twice, and then I couldn’t resist anymore.  Two lovely ladies handed me this green bag and explained the deal: I could fill it up with clothes, and only pay £3 for the whole lot.  On April Fool’s Day?  Hmmm. 

Can I show you what I got?

  • one mustard jumper
  • one grey jumper (it’s so soft!)
  • two men’s shirts (but still for me!)
  • one black pleated skirt
  • one brown wool-type skirt (size 20, lots of fabric)
  • and a tie

I left feeling like I’d robbed the place.  £3 for all that stuff?  I felt much better when I remembered this bag of things I need to get rid of, like a big fabric swap.

Everything needs a complete overhaul except the black skirt:  so lots and lots of restyling coming up!  Oh the possibilities…

Have a great weekend everyone x

2 thoughts on “My new £3 wardrobe

  1. Bargain-a-cious indeed :), just remember that the 3-quid is going to a good cause, and your bag of stuff to donate will generate them even more revenue = double brownie points [*nodding*] !

    I did my own un-shopping bit today & donated 60+ items of clothing, x1 pair leather ankle-boots and a new candle in a bowl (an ex-Crimbo gift LOL!) to my local ‘Cancer Research’ charity shop. The stuff had been cluttering up the floor in the spare room… so now there is more room for my sewing stuff (hehehe).

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