Must wear more… petticoats

So, Friday night… between 6 of us, we managed to dish up a 3 course Christmas meal to 27 teenagers!  Challenge accepted. I was waitressing and in charge of decorations – I made paper stars using this technique, and placecards.  (Unfortunately the action was too fast-paced for any snaps, but there is one star that I salvaged in the pictures below).  We hit the pub when it was all over, and almost fell asleep over celebratory pints…

But – did I get the skirt finished?

Um, it wasn’t hemmed, wasn’t finished on the seams, and the waistband was held together by a safety pin.  No-one noticed, and I scored about 5 compliments from the retro-minded kids…yay!

I bought this fabric about 9 months ago – just can’t resist Alice-in-Wonderland things (when it comes out cool like this, not the tacky stuff).  But it was only about a week ago that I settled on a circle skirt, using Casey’s sewalong.  Should’ve been a relatively quick project, except I got the measuring wrong somewhere and ended up with a massive waist circumference… I know, I know, it’s all about the measuring (hangs head in shame).  I was punished by the non-hemming and safety-pinning, ok?

Just as well I bought a petticoat off eBay instead of trying to make that as well!   The last time I remember wearing a petticoat I was 6, it was my birthday, and I had a gorgeous flowery blue, yellow and pink dress.  It’s only taken nearly 20 years to get back in one – but oh, it’s so lovely.  That swish-swish-swishing around… it’s like dressing up as a fairy, except no-one knows and assumes you’re cool and retro instead. Yes!  It can’t be just me…?

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  1. Your skirt is fabulous!! As is the petticoat. I love the fabric. I also take my hat off to you for cooking for so many people. I wouldn’t know where to start!

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