Monsoon-Pendrell experiment

I must be a really boring shopping companion for most of my friends now.  I do try to keep the intense look off my face when examining the finishes on RTW items, or comparing the cost of the materials and labour time to the retail price, but I just can’t stop myself murmuring “I reckon I could make something like that…”

So I spotted this top in Monsoon

Gillian Frill Top

…basically a Pendrell, right?  With slightly different frills, and a pleated neckline…?

I finished my version just in time to catch the train to Loughborough for a lovely weekend with my brother and sister-in-law.  (Roisin – we tried to go to the Orange Tree for cocktails on Saturday but it was packed!) So we went home and played with the cats.

I’m mostly happy with how the make turned out.  I didn’t quite manage the Monsoon front frills, as I think they’d need to be re-drafted with more of a curve – I just put little pleats in instead of ruffles.

Bu-ut I’m pretty disappointed with the fabric.  It’s some sort of polyestery stuff which was hideous to sew with, but which I therefore hoped wouldn’t need ironing after washing it…. but no.  It wrinkles as well as taunting me from the sewing machine. Plus it’s thin, but not floaty – so I’m chilly, but it hangs weirdly.  Have you had any success with this sort of fabric?  Or do I need to splash out a bit more on what I buy?


8 thoughts on “Monsoon-Pendrell experiment

  1. I can’t really work out what fabric you used, but I think I know the sort! It’s a nightmare to sew with, let along cut out and keep nice. I’m not sure what would work, what’s the orignal in, a type of thick crepe? I still reckon you’ve made a fab job of it though. It looks really good on here!

    • Thanks Nikki! The original is viscose – not sure if I’d recognise that in a fabric shop though? Must learn more about fabric!

  2. It’s a great replica. You should definitely think about making a few more. Such a flattering shirt to have in your wardrobe.

    I just used so polyester to make a muslin and it frayed like crazy. And it wouldn’t hold a press to save my sanity. So I think I will avoid buying anymore unless I’m going to just use it for a test garment.

  3. You are so clever!! Great adaptation. I’m not a fan of polyester, and maybe it’s subconsciously for the reasons you describe. I’ve always been a natural fibre freak and treat synthetics with fear! ( the odd unexpected success means the risk sometimes pays off)

  4. Aw, what a shame the Orange Tree was closed! Still, I think I may have been unfairly harsh on Loughborough. Maybe it’s due a reappraisal.
    I love the colour of this top, and it looks fab on you – and I do the same with RTW stuff, too 🙂

  5. Wow, thanks everyone! I’m feeling a lot more love towards this garment already. I think it’s the neckline that still niggles – not quite happy with the approach I used and have thought of a better one. I might also try a few more makes as suggested by Melizza… with a more forgiving fabric!

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