MMM’13: What still fits

Me-Made-May is more of a challenge this year than I expected, as quite a number of my handmade clothes have lost the battle with the bump and been packed away until more streamlined times.  So the start of May was a timely investigation into what can still go the distance – click on the photos for the original garment posts!  First up, some Sewaholic Pendrells:

Check out the amazing slimmingness of those princess seams… you wouldn’t guess from these photos that there’s a five-month-baby tucked up under there, would you?  And still fitting comfortably (albeit with less ease than they used to).

Even more super-roomy, a Simplicity 2406 goes a long way:

I can see these lasting well into the third trimester (and they’re just a size 10, imagine the potential as a maternity pattern if one went up a few sizes).  In fact, there is another 2406 brewing on the sewing table which will hopefully make a MMM’13 appearance!  Along with loads more stretchy knits:

Sewaholic patterns triumph again with a snug Renfrew on the left, while on the right, I think this restyle may look even better now I’m rounder than it did back in February.  Empire-line plus a peplum = perfect maternity shape.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper MMM round-up without a pyjama appearance.  These only just work with the top button left undone, so there are a couple of new sets cut out and ready to sew.


Seven items down, 23 to go to meet my target – and we’re already over a third of the way through the month!

4 thoughts on “MMM’13: What still fits

    • Aw thanks Marie! Yes, I don’t think they’ll fit for a while now, but I’ll definitely be back to them for disguising the post-baby bump!

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