MMM12: week 2 roundup

Wednesday 9th: Made-up maxi skirt

Thursday 10th: Bank holiday hearts top

Friday 11th: Geometry of Hummingbirds top

Saturday 12th: 2406 with added bows

Sunday 13th: Sodalite top and April Showers skirt

Monday 14th (am): Crazy evolving Pendrell

Monday 14th (eve): Restyled shirt

Monday 14th (bedtime): Royal Wedding Pyjamas

9 items done, just about! What I’ve learned: week 2 is much tougher than week 1. That’s probably true for everything I ever start or try or achieve.

I’m also keeping up OK with my minimal consumerism aim – I’ve had homemade lunches for work every day, and there’s been no new fabric! I have used up two of my ’emergency’ shopping credits… on an e-book, and some fabric dye. Yes, I use the word ’emergency’ with my tongue firmly in cheek.

How’s May feeling for you?

3 thoughts on “MMM12: week 2 roundup

    • Yes, outdoors photos are the best aren’t they? But I seem to find it so difficult to co-ordinate sewing, photographing and blogging together.

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