Me Made June Round up

So, just uploaded day 30 up to the Flickr group… I’ve spent a few days just savouring not having to prop the camera up with a biro on the mantelpiece every day (so not a morning person).

As Portia wrote in this post (which I wholeheartedly identify with!) I’m treating Me Made June as a useful experiment, rather than a triumphant challenge.  I didn’t keep to the pledge or the targets I set myself, but I had fun exchanging comments and ideas with the rest of the MMJ community, and I learned a lot about my wardrobe.

So how did I do with those targets?

  1. To wear everything I’ve made at least once during the month:  I managed everything except two of the dresses.  Birthday dress: too formal; 2-become-1 dress: too hot (needs a full length slip).
  2. To make more tops: Yes!

I LOVE these tops.  I’ve worn each one at least 4 times over the month, along with my other Pendrell.  And d’you know, I’m not at all bored of them.  By the end, I was getting ashamed of posting them on Flickr continously, imagining everyone thinking “oh my goodness, sew something DIFFERENT woman!”  Now the month’s over, I still get to wear them all the time, and nobody knows.  Hah.

3. To make a pair of trousers: Kind of… I used a trouser pattern to refashion a charity shop dress into this playsuit, does that count?  I had to lengthen the crotch curve, and hey, it wasn’t so bad.  But trousers take so much more time than an average top or skirt, and that has been in short supply recently.  Watch this space…

4. Working out the timer function on the camera – tick!

So same again in September everyone? Yes, as sure as I love a good Sorbetto.  Next time I will definitely definitely make pajamas so that I can have an off day – a pair of PJs this time round would have netted me 30 me-made days rather than just 28. 

I also have an additonal restriction over the next few months – as of next week, we are putting our cute little 2-bed house on the market, so everything needs to be super tidy.  And so, most of my fabric has been boxed up and stowed away in the loft – and all my sewing projects from now (until the miraculous day we get to hand in our keys for a new place) have to come out of this miniature stash. 

Except for one awesome print I’ve got my eye on over on eBay – I think I’m allowed that little shopping fix.

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