Maximum awesomeness

Isn’t it lovely when a project seems to work out all by itself?

I bought 3m of black/white polkadot polycotton with the idea of making the main view of this:

And then I was just sort of draping the cotton round me (does anyone else do that when they get their hands on new fabric?) and thought… polkadots would make an awesome ballgown.

Sadly, no invitations to the ball have been forthcoming… and one could not have a polycotton gown.  But, it’s just a little design jump to get to a maxi dress, no?  I was convinced that a maxi wouldn’t suit me, mainly because most of the examples I see have only teeny tiny bits of thread for straps and itsy bitsy triangles to hold the girls in place… so no can do, despite those gorgeous floaty skirts.

Instead, a bit of pattern mix-and-matching, and voila:

I still made use of the Lisette pattern: can you spot it?  I used the skirt from the waist down, extended to hit the floor.  Oh my goodness, those pockets! Love a good pocket, me.  Possibly one of my main drives in dressmaking is that ready-to-wear clothes never have good pockets – if any at all, it’s really rather shocking.

And then the top half is my favourite pattern of ALL TIME, Simplicity 2588:

I used the sleeveless bodice view:

Almost matched the spots at the waist seam!  As the 2588 is close fitting but the 2245 has a lot more ease, the top edge of the skirt is gathered to fit at the waist.

To conclude, I now know maxi dresses to be awesome: a) they’re an outfit in one, so no thinking’s needed to coordinate a top and bottom, plus b) it doesn’t matter what state your pins are in.  When life gets busy, that is pure gift from my wardrobe.




7 thoughts on “Maximum awesomeness

  1. You’re right! Awesome use oF both fabric ( who can resist polka dots?) and combining those two patterns. A cool maxi dress and looks lovely I have the lisette on my autumn sewing list and can’t wait to try out those pockets too!!

  2. Thanks Scruffy and Sally! Glad you agree on the polkadots. I’ve just seen a fab cream/red combo and I’m so very tempted…

  3. You are so right about the pockets! Why do clothes-designers assume that girls never have cold hands, or stuff to carry? Even when you do find pockets on ladies’ clothes they are teeny-tiny compared to the men’s ones!

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