Maternity transitions: Vogue 8645

Script top 2

The ultimate aim in maternity sewing: a garment that will fit the whole way through pregnancy – and beyond.  Once I’ve spent sewing time on something, I expect some potential for years of wearing, don’t you?  And I think I’ve hit on an ideal pattern here with Vogue 8645.


See, it’s not a specific maternity pattern: the shape comes from wherever the belt sits.  Normally it would be round the waist, like in the pattern illustration.  Right now, I can belt it above the bump – and there’s still space in the skirt, and around the bust from the shoulder gathers.

Script top 1

The fabric is an Ikea print – I resisted on two consecutive trips, but the third was too much and I came home with 4 metres of it.  Just as well, as the cutting placement demanded serious yardage to line up the script on the front and back (as far as possible – the sections all fan out below the waist).

Script top back

I first wore this to the epic sewing meet-up last month, under my Megan Nielsen maternity skirt (it wasn’t hemmed!)


But now that it’s properly finished, it’s a huge part of my current wardrobe.  The shoulder ties keep bra straps under wraps, and it’s roomy without gaping or slipping around.

Script top 4

So of course I’ve already got another V8645 on the sewing table, lining up some stripes this time…

stripy fabric

Very Easy Vogue – does what it says on the envelope.  Snap it up fellow sewists, and belt according to need.

7 thoughts on “Maternity transitions: Vogue 8645

  1. Cute!! Looks great with the belt over bump and I do like the look with trousers. However, if you’re anything like me, you will get so sick of maternity clothes by the time you become a mum, that you really will never want to wear them again!!

  2. Very cute maternity dress! If you plan to breast-feed your baby, you’ll have a whole other challenge ahead of you, just to give you a heads up.

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