Maniacal sewing

Yes, the V1223 is in full swing!  It’s a really interesting pattern to work with – unusual pleats, darts and shapes – I’d definitely recommend it.  It’s the kind of thing that really deserves a toile first; but as time is tight, I decided to start with the lining to check the fit, and then adjust the top layer if needed.

Big thanks to Fehr Trade for giving me her expert opinion on this satiny stuff (how great to be in a fabric shop full of sewists when you need advice.)

I also just want to say ‘well done, me!’ for finally tackling french seams.  I have always been terrified of the first step, where the seam ends up on the right side of the fabric: ugh.  But it was actually amazingly easy – here’s my first one ever (from both sides – I got carried away admiring its beauty):

Now I’m a believer!

2 thoughts on “Maniacal sewing

  1. That looks beautiful! I do French seams whenever I possibly can. When you first start doing them they felt counter-intuitive, but you quickly get used to that way of working. With a thin fabric, they’re just the best. Neat and no danger of unravelling. Good luck!

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