Make this look: Apple a day dress

Confession: I’ve spent an unmentionable amount of time swooning over Orla Kiely’s fashion line.  Somehow, her dresses are almost what, as a child, I would have imagined wearing when I grew up – do you know what I mean?  There’s such a sense of fun about them.

Sadly, they’re well out of my financial league, but just maybe within my sewing powers – here’s what I’ve got my beady little eye on:


Isn’t Simplicity 2588 just perfect for the job?  It’s such a beautifully versatile pattern – I’ve spotted it at least a couple of times already on Mena’s Make this Look series.

As long as I can figure out a way to add that little nick in the neckline, the rest is all here, with shorter sleeves and a lighter, brighter green:

(‘Apple Basket’ 100% cotton fabric by Nutex)

I just need a more-or-less matching green plain to do the hem, collar and waist tabs.  I’ve got this Friday off work, and guess what?  I’m going fabric shopping.  Wish me luck…

5 thoughts on “Make this look: Apple a day dress

  1. The pattern is PERFECT for this dress! I absolutely love the fabric too! yippeee!!!
    Oh, I also got the book in the post! Thank you so much–I’ve been pouring over the pictures getting ideas for decorating my space 🙂

  2. That pattern is perfect and if it helps I’ve just made one of the views on it. It went together like a dream and is so easy. You’ll be able to make those changes so easily. I love the apple fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished dress!

    • Thanks Nikki! Yep I’ve used this pattern a couple of times – it’s brilliant how many combinations you can make, isn’t it? It’s quickly becoming my all-time favourite pattern 🙂

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