Last make of 2012

I feel like I’ve just got back to sewing and blogging after my moving break, so a What-I-made-this-year round-up doesn’t seem to fit right now.  Instead, here’s what I made a few weeks ago for Mr B’s Christmas party:

Yes, basically t-shirt and shorts!  The top is mostly black jersey, apart from that centre panel (lined in pale-gold, don’t worry) and the peplum.  I used best-friend-pattern Simplicity 2588, omitting the zip. 

The lace came from Goldhawk Road – a rather accidental buy.  I was just admiring it in one of the shops, no project in mind, and with a massive bag of fabric already… but I got sort of sucked in to the sales patter:

  • Goldhawk Rd guy: “Hey lovely lady!  You want some of the lace?”
  • Me: (Shouldn’t really.) “Um, how much is it?”
  • GR guy: “£23/m”
  • Me: (!!!) “Oh… that’s a bit more than I wanted to pay…”
  • GR guy: “How much you thinking?”
  • Me: (About a fiver?) “Like, £15?”
  • GR guy: “Nah… but could do £18?”
  • Me: (Walk away now, you don’t even really want it.) “OK!”
  • GR guy: How many metres d’you want?
  • Me: (firmly) “One”.
  • GR guy: “One? What you gonna make with one metre?”
  • Me: (Don’t know, but there’s no way I’m putting down more than £18.) “A top?”

That metre of lace sat in the stash for about 9 months.  I didn’t even look at it too often, feeling the twinges of spending regret.  And then I came across this outfit:


I like everything about it, from the collar to (Jessica’s) shoes.  And finally my guilty lace clicked into place.  See, Goldhawk Rd guy, I did make a top!

I’m thinking of shortening the peplum a little bit more, and I do want to try a white collar, but otherwise it works – so comfy in jersey, and still classy enough for a smart-casual dress code.

(And the shorts?  Oh… the shorts are a self-drafted wearable muslin, barely finished – in fact, I left the waistline raw (can’t see it under the peplum), and the hem is just turned under once and stitched in place – shhh, don’t tell anyone.  Hopefully something more presentable will emerge shortly.)

Happy new year everyone!  Here’s to excitement and achievement in 2013!

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