It’s all in the detail

Is it starting to feel like Christmas where you are yet?  I’m having a fun fun fun crafting week making decorations for the rather grand dinner we are throwing on Friday… for about 30 young people between 11 and 18 (part of the youth group I’m involved with on Friday nights).  Gulp.  At least I’m not cooking.

Instead, I’m making paper stars, tissue pom poms, menus, and place card settings!

Ok, so I just wanted to play with my new set of Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps

This design was perfect for mass production – I cut A4 card into three sections along the longest side, and ruled random lines in gold pen, crisscrossing over each other:

Then stamped in all the baubles, using three stamp designs in five colours:

And cut each piece into 3 again = perfect sized name cards.

Now I’m just wondering if I have time to whip up a circle skirt out of this stuff.  Oh, the danger of too many crafting plans…

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